LAVOSCH Basic 038

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  • Cable winder eMobility with integrated charging electronics, charging mode mode 3
  • Thermal protection, DC fault current detection 6mA, fault disconnection method all-pole
  • Connection 3P 400V AC: maximum charging power 22 kW; maximum charging current 32A
  • 8 m extension┬ácable (5G6,0+0,5) with type 2 charging coupling 3P 32A (22 kW)
  • 2 m connecting cable (5G6,0) without plug device
  • Incl. swivel wall mounting bracket
  • Rotating ceiling holder as accessory available

The charging station/wallbox with cable management must be connected by a qualified electrician.

Order-No.ItemCharacteristicsProtection classCable (m)Cable typeNominal voltageCable power coiledCable power uncoiledWeight (kg)
690 32 000 000LAVOSCH Basic 038**without electricity meterIP4485G6,0+1x0,5 qmm400 V AC22 kW22 kW16,37
*The device must be protected with a FI type B or type A-EV.
**The device must be protected with a FI type A.