FT 046

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  • Metal flanges (earth bonded)
  • Standard configurations up to 32A
  • Single & 3-phase, 4 & 5-wire variants, multi-core variants up to x7 cores
  • Cable lengths: 20m to 33m
  • Cable type: 1.5mm2 to 4mm2, in HO7RN-F
  • Wall, floor or ceiling brackets (wall bracket supplied as standard)
  • Uprated spring variants for lifting non-standard loads
  • Maintenance free ball-bearing axle
  • IP44 protection suitable for external use
  • Empty reel weight: 20.8kg
ItemCableLoad WoundLoad UnwoundWeight (kg)
FT 046.0325.2525m 3x2.5mm²11A25A30
FT 046.0333.1633m 3x1.5mm²8A16A29
FT 046.0430.1630m 4x1.5mm²8A16A30
FT 046.0520.2520m 5x2.5mm²9A25A31
FT 046.0520.3220m 5x4.0mm²14A32A35
FT 046.053030m 5x1.5mm²8A16A31
FT 046.072525m 7x1.5mm²8A16A32
DB 046Floor/Ceiling Bracket (360° Swivel)3.0
WB 046Wall Bracket (88° Pivot)2.8

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