EFT Series

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Robust compact reels ideal for powering mobile appliances. Designed to be fitted as an integral unit for mobile equipment where a power source is available. Manufactured from sturdy thermoplastic. The reels are electrically insulated & corrosion resistant.

When the power connection is no-longer required, a short pull on the ball-stop and the cable neatly rewinds.

The EFT series reels incorporate the following:

  • Specifically designed for surface mounting
  • Full electrical insulation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Spiral spring drive
  • Available with or without locking ratchet
  • Adjustable ball stop
  • High quality flat brass slip ring with silver contacts
  • Fused terminal block (removable)
  • IP20 protection
ItemCableLoad WoundLoad UnwoundWeight (kg)
EFT 130A.3KK30753m 3x0.75mm²2A5A0.8
EFT 160A.4KK3104m 3x1.0mm²5A8A1.0
EFT 160A.5KK30755m 3x0.75mm²2A5A1.08
EFT 265A.03088m 3x1.5mm²6A10A2.9
EFT 265A.05055m 5x1.5mm²6A10A3.1