FT Series: Electric Vehicle Charging

With our new and innovative reels for the Electric Vehicle generation, we want to contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. Through our flexible connection solutions, we achieve the optimal connection between mobility and user-friendliness.

The World-Class FT series has proven itself for years in the industrial sector and has now been further developed to support the charging technology for electric cars and buses.

The cable reels can be directly connected to the wall box with 1.5 or 2 metre connecting cable or simply via a type 2 charging plug to the standard wall-box socket. For connecting the vehicle, all Schill – Electric Vehicle Charging reels are equipped with a type 2 charging socket. Depending on the cable type an extraction length from five to eight metres is available, and charging capacities from 2.3kW to 22kW are possible.

The charging cable is safely protected on the reel. It’s out of the way, no annoying tidying up at the charging stations. Cable spaghetti, trip hazards and even driving over the cable is now a thing of the past. After charging the cable rewinds back safely into the reel by built-in spring retraction.

For both power and data transmission, the reels are built with a flat slip ring system. The reel also comes with a self-locking mechanism to take care of the cable tension between car loading socket and reel. The cable reel can be wall or ceiling mounted.

As a further advancement we have also integrated the charging electronics into certain reels. The relevant models have the functionality of the wall-box integrated inside the reel body. An intermediate connection to a wall-box to manage the charging of electric vehicles is no longer necessary.

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